KT10V2 Magnetic Susceptibility Meter
Record information correlative to depth: the user has the ability to enter information regarding the well studied (for example: The number of the well, the number of the box where the cores are stored, etc.) to correlate each drilling core with its depth. .
Convert to a KT-10 S / C or a KT-10 Plus S / C: New technology that allows the KT-10 v2 and KT-10 Plus v2 to be converted to a KT-10 S / C or a KT- 10 Plus S / C through the Internet.



• Depth intervals can be easily recorded in both non-continuous mode and scan mode.

• Increased Memory: the internal memory has been increased to 4GB this allows the user to save up to 4,0000 readings.

• GeoVision Android App: users can now use the GeoVision App to view scan profiles in real time on a tablet or smart phone running the Android operating system. GeoVision is now available as an option in the KT-10 v2 and in the KT-10 Plus v2.

• Taking measurements in SI or CGS units: Users can choose to take the magnetic susceptibility measurements in SI or CGS units.