Brady Aluminum Padlock For Locking Industrial Systems
Aluminum padlocks are the lightest on the market, and are made from recycled material.
The glossy anodized aluminum finish provides increased visibility as well as fade resistance in all environments. The paracentric slot provides optimal security (prevents copies of the key from being made at a local locksmith). The aluminum shackle has higher resistance to corrosion and sparks.



Product characteristics

• Applications: Lockout Labeling, Labeling of food and beverage processes, Identification of risk communication

• Application: Lockout Labeling, Food and Beverage Process Labeling, Hazard Communication Identification

• Key Mechanism: Standard Bolt Drum

• Key Mechanism: Standard Bolt Drum

• Key option: Different keys

• Key Option: Different keys

• With key retention: No

• Key-Retaining: No

• Number of pin drums: 6

• Number of Pin Tumblers: 6

• Horizontal clearance in arch: 0.8 in.

• Vertical clearance in arch: 1.5 in.

Información Técnica

Material characteristics

Brady material number: LOTO-10

• Material properties: Non-sparking, Corrosion resistant, Fade resistant

• Material Properties: Non-sparking, Corrosion resistant, Fade resistant

• Padlock body material: Aluminum

• Padlock Body Material: Aluminum

• Shackle material: Aluminum

• Shackle Material: Aluminum

• Color: Red - Purple - Blue - Green - Yellow - Blue - Silver - Orange

• Service temperature range: 0 ° F - 350 ° F

• Minimum service temperature: 0 ° F

• Maximum service temperature: 350 ° F

• Bow Liner / Finish: Chrome

• Shackle Coating / Finish: Chrome