Nylon Padlocks for SafeKey Premium Advanced Locking
In the last 50 years we have seen an explosion in manufacturing technologies, which has generated a growth in blocking needs. Brady SafeKey Lockout Padlocks provide the best padlock security and precision for years. The innovative lock design and key blade design offer greater precision and control for your lock program.
Stay one step ahead of technology. Brady exclusive SafeKey locking padlocks provide the best key accuracy and advanced key security for your locking program. There is a growing demand for unique lock and tag key capabilities - with SafeKey padlocks you get up to 700% more key codes than traditional security padlocks.



Getting more for the purchase is always a plus. If you have a large plant or your locking needs are extensive, here is what you get with up to 700% more unique key codes:

700% more Brady Codes


Información Técnica

• Patent pending linear padlock design enables more precise key cutting, providing more unique key codes and smoother key operation.

• Find it fast - the keys and lock bodies are the same color to help you quickly find the key to your lock.

• Get years of use with the low-friction locking mechanism and durable one-piece body design.

• Nylon plastic shackle padlocks are lightweight, non-conductive, and non-sparking, making them ideal for general locking applications.

• Keep them together - the padlock is a key retention so you can keep the padlock and your key together when not in use.