Eco Yellow Helmet With Rachet
Eco steelpro safety helmet in a variety of colors against protection from vertical and lateral impacts, conductive channels for liquids or rain, also has a slot to adjust cup-type ear covers such as the Front short brim to improve viewing range in work areas. Made of high shock resistant polyethylene and UV protection layer.



• Helmet made of high-density polyethylene, resistant to shocks, scratches and UV radiation.
• 4-point zipper type suspension with anti-sweat band and vertical graduation.
• Universal size side slots to complement hearing or facial protection accessories.
• Four Steelpro points for Steelpro chinstrap.
• Short visor to facilitate field of vision.
• Ultralight weight (343 gr).
ANSI Z89.1-2014 Certification, Type I - Class E.
BLUE 501088
WHITE 501089
GRAY 501090
ORANGE 501091
RED 501092
GREEN 501093