Steelpro Mountain Abs White Helmet With Chinstrap
New Mountain Steelpro helmet, especially designed for work at height, confined spaces and work in places with high voltages. Made in high-strength ABS thermoplastic material for Get unsurpassed protection.



• It has a Rachet type suspension that allows an adjustment,
simple, adequate and comfortable.
• Four-pointed chin strap with chin support
siliconized synthetic rubber.
• It has thermoplastic reflective located in the back area
of the team on the nape of the neck.
• Side perforations to complement with accessories
universal size.
• Inner foam in expanded polystyrene (EPS). Offers
special thermal and superior insulation characteristics
side impact resistance
• Short visor for work at height, confined spaces and
high voltage.
• ANSI Z89.1.2009, Nch 461.2009 certification.
• Dielectric hull.
• Ultralight weight (465 gr).
• Fit size (55-65cm) according to the rachet.
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