Harness In X Eco Line
STEELPRO in its line of heights "ECO LINE" offers a series of harnesses and active fall protection devices required under American regulations and standards, with functional and ergonomic designs for the development of tasks in industry and construction, the ECO multipurpose harness with “X” cross design offers an excellent design and strength ratio required for safe work at heights.



• Multipurpose full body “X” harness with 4 rings located on the back, chest, and waist.
• Connecting rings made of forged steel with a resistance of 22.2 kN.
• Dorsal and Front rings with fastening buckle to secure position and avoid displacement during use.
• 45 mm Polyester ribbon loops with 5,000 lbs. Resistance.
• Four size adjustment buckles on Torso and Legs.
• Sub-pelvic strap and impact indicator on the back strap.
• Plastic fastening buckles to prevent the rope from slipping.
• Maximum capacity with tools: 140 Kg.
• Complies with OSHA Recommendations 1910 and 1926 (Subpart M).