Estwing Hammer E3-14P 14 Ounce Hard Rock Pick Vinyl Handle
It is a fine, resistant steel tool, known in Geology, Geomorphology, etc., in one single piece, very manipulable, made in the USA. Warning: Particles can be released when this tool is struck against another tool or hard object, resulting in injury to the eyes and body. Always wear protective goggles, the people around should wear goggles too.
Geological hammers, brand is the world brand for excellence in geological hammers. Blue nylon handles Different weights and sizes:



Estwing E3-14P

  • Vinyl handle.
  • Head weight: 325 g.
  • Length: 28 cm.
  • Estwing Pointed Tip Rock Pick, 6 ”, 14 oz.
  • Head; 11 "long.
  • Solid steel forged in one piece. Nylon and vinyl grip.
  • Made in the USA