Hip Chain Distance Meter or String Distance Meter
Forestry supplier hip chain distance meter. Just tie the line to a tree or other object and zero the meter. As you walk, the meter indicates the length of the line pulled, telling you how far you have traveled.
Your hands are free for other tasks. After use, simply break and discard the disposable line, reset the counter, and you are ready to measure again. High impact plastic shell with belt loops to accommodate belts up to 2-1 / 4 ”wide. Line included. English or metric models available. The precision counting meter resets to zero. Line included. Replacement line sold separately.



For preliminary surveying, stakeout, distance verification, sample grid layout, reconnaissance, timber crossing and more

Información Técnica

• Measuring capability (no reset meter): feet at 99,999 yards at 9999.9 meters at 9999.9

• Easily replaceable line spools.

• Accuracy: measured line within ± 0.2%.

• The precision counter can be reset.

• High impact plastic housing.