Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent



Colman Tent For 2 (Two) Totally New People At The Best Price With Guarantee,

We have been serving sports for more than 40 years, we ship all over the country to your doorstep.

A Must-Have Tent For Anyone Who Goes Camping Frequently Or Sporadically Mind, The Tent

Colman Sundome Has The Capacity To Accommodate Two People At A Time,

Designed With The Exclusive Weathertec System, This Sundome Te

Dimensions: Length: 2.13 Meters, Width: 1.52 Meters, Height: 1.22 Meters.

Color: Green, White And Black.

Weight: 3 Kg

Quick And Easy Installation In Just 10 Minutes.

Size of the tent in your suitcase: 61 cm long x 14.6 cm wide x 14.6 cm high.

2 Windows Of Great Ventilation And View.

Brand: Coleman