Weather Station Anemometer, Thermometer, Altimeter, Barometer, Humidity Digital Brunton Adc Pro
Brunton adc pro atmospheric center (anemometer, thermometer, altimeter, barometer, humidity). This little instrument not only displays important data such as wind speed, water temperature or atmospheric pressure; But it can also show the weather conditions and forecast it, it is also capable of registering climatic and atmospheric variations in determined intervals of time.
The ADC SUMMIT model has been used on expeditions around the world to record weather and plan tours according to the current and future weather conditions. Find all the functions for professional users such as environmental engineers, amateur meteorologists, mountaineers and demanding outdoor users. Digital Altimeter with 1m precision. • Current barometric pressure in hPa, mb or Hg. • Information display graph. • Shows the trend of the past 24 hours. • Predict the weather for the next 12 hours. • Alarm altimeter and storm • Wind speed, current, maximum, and average in km / h, mph, ft / s, m / s, or knots. • Shows the current temperature. • Temperature trend of the last 24 hours. • Wind temperature. • Average and minimum wind temperature. • Wind temperature alarm. • Clock, date and chronograph. • Manual and automatic data recording. • Option to transfer data to PC • Waterproof and submersible. • 2 years warranty.



Equipment : altimeter, barometer, anemometer and thermometer.

Información Técnica

  • waterproof, submersible
  • temperature (ºf, ºc)
  • graphical temperature of the last 24 hours
  • wind current speed (mph, ft / s, m / s, km / h, knots, beaufort)
  • maximum wind speed (mph, ft / s, m / s, km / h, knots, beaufort)
  • Average wind speed (mph, ft / s, m / s, km / h, knots, beaufort)
  • wind speed alarm
  • wind temperature (ºf, ºc)
  • maximum wind temperature (ºf, ºc)
  • wind temperature alarm
  • water stream speed (mph, ft / s, m / s, km / h, knots, beaufort)
  • 12 / 24h clock - time and date
  • chronograph
  • barometric pressure (in hpa, mb or inhg)
  • Atmospheric pressure graph for the last 24 hours
  • next 12h weather forecast icon
  • storm alarm
  • Altitude (ft, m)
  • maximum altitude (ft, m)
  • minimum altitude (ft, m)
  • altitude alarm
  • humidity (%)
  • air density (%)
  • Relative Air Density (%, relative to 59ºf / 29.9 inhg / 15 & rh)
  • heat index (ºf, ºc)
  • dew point (ºf, ºc)
  • altitude density (ft, m)
  • manual and automatic data logging
  • communication to pc by ir port using adc
  • included: manual on cd, battery and strap