Pixa 3 Flashlight
Headlamp that allows evolution in ATEX explosive atmospheres, suitable for near vision, movement and distance vision. 100 lumens
The Pixa 3 headlamp is a robust and versatile flashlight. Thanks to its multiple light beam, it adapts to any situation: jobs at your fingertips, travel and distance vision. Lighting technology Contan Ligting: lighting performances do not decrease as batteries discharge. It meets the requirements of the ATEX zone 2/22 certification (II 3 GD Ex nA ic IIB T4 Gc tc IIIC T135 ° C Dc) for working in an atmosphere exposed to the risk of explosion.



  • Hands-free working flashlight: can be worn on the head with the strap, attached to a helmet or placed on the ground.
  • Plate, without elastic strap, to fix it to the helmet (included).
  • Three lighting modes.
  • Jobs mode at your fingertips (close up)
  • Wide and homogeneous light beam, illumination at 15 meters for 12 hours (30 lumens).
  • Movement mode: focused mixed light beam that allows comfortable movement.
  • Illumination at 30 meters for 6 hours (40 lumens).
  • Far vision mode: highly focused light beam, illumination at 55 meters for 3 hours (50 lumens).
  • Backup lighting, when the batteries are almost discharged, lighting at 15 meters for at least 10 hours.
  • Rotary selector button three modes. resistant to falls (2 meters), impacts and crushing (80 kg).
  • Comfortable and adjustable elastic band: can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Weight: 160 g (with 2 aa / lr6 batteries).