Flat Solar Panel Solarflat 2 Watt, 6V



  • Solarflat, designed for permanent or semi-permanent mounting, these waterproof rigid power panels are perfect for your RV, cabin or boat, your near electrified action, even to keep your electric vehicle batteries charged and ready to go.
  • Advanced solar harvesting technology means you can count on reliable production in virtually all conditions. solarflat 2 (6v) specifications high performance low light weather resistant amorphous solar cells durable aluminum frame reverse flow protection link multiple as units together to produce even more information use a maximum of five, together with solarcontroller for charge control perfect.
  • Includes: 10 ft. Cable, vehicle cable, battery clips, link adapter cable (sf 15)
  • Dimensions: 6x10x0.95 ".
  • Weight: 30.8 oz.
  • Output: 6v power.
  • Current: 2 watts at 150 ma.