Flexible Solar Panel Waterproof Solar Marine 27 Watt, 12V


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  • Marine Solar Perfect for maintaining essential battery systems on deep sea vessels, or simply charging the trolling motor of your fishing vessel, Brunton Solar Marine Panels are the ultimate panel for every vessel. Flexible cell technology can be mounted on curved surfaces to save valuable space, or can run flat on the deck; thin film panels ensure no damage from falling objects or lost footprints when you hit rough water.
  • Fully waterproof connector mounts to curved or flat surfaces in thin impact film cover resists damage from high efficiency foot step gears, triple junction solar technology amorphous cells work in all weather conditions and sail shadows Fluoropolymer construction for extreme durability and waterproofing reverse discharge protection will not discharge batteries at night marine solar 27.
  • Product details 27 watts, 1580ma, 12 volts.
  • Dimensions: 51.6x14.75 "less than 1.5mm thick.