Aero Clear Lens Af Ansi Z87 +
Eye protection glasses, used as primary protection according to OSHA recommendations. Suitable for outdoor and indoor work, designed to protect against high and low speed impacts. Dyes according to ANSI Z 87 requirements. Suitable to protect against UV rays and low concentration spectra. Flexible PVC frame. High transparency ophthalmic polycarbonate visor. Retractable temples. Resistant to impacts, abrasion and splashes of irritating liquids. Lenses in colors with light and dark tints. Optically clarified and modified lenses. for neutral vision. Lenses with anti-scratch treatment, anti-fogging and coated with UV filter. Sporty Design. Safety cord
Range 32 meters (20 lumens) and 30 hours duration. Pivoting shatterproof lens to direct light.



• Safety lens with polycarbonate visor, frame of
nylon and temples with exible silicone inserts for your
better adherence.
• Impact resistant sports lens,
anti scratch and with solar filter 99.9% UV protection.
• Anti-fogging
• Anti Scratch
• Anti Impact
• UV filter 99.9%