Visor Oro Fundición 1100°C
Injection molded face shield. The reflective golden heat. The lining is protected with a hard coating to improve service. Application rated for high temperature industrial and furnace operations.
Large face shield with integrated side and neck protection. The curved shape offers room for involuntary head movements and braces. Torso protection through the chest when e.g. eg an explosion comes to the face.



Cast Gold Mask 1625°C

• Heat reflective shields are designed to reflect radiant heat.

• Golden shower reflects infrared energy away from the front surface of the material to reduce the amount of energy available to heat the plastic. Toe efficiency and density of heat reflective surface is based on heat shrinkage as compared to visible light transmittance value.

• The base material is polycarbonate.

• The distortion temperature of this material is 265 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Gold shields have been used successfully in Titanium applications 2957 degrees Fahrenheit, 1625 degrees Centigrade.

• Sealed gold shields are cast by a hard carbon on the outside to extend life.


Impact: chipping, grinding, machining, masonry work, riveting and sanding. Flash. Furnace operations, foundries, etc.

Información Técnica

• MATERIAL: Polycarbonate.

• WINDOW SIZE: 25.4 x 50.8 x 0.15 cm / (10” x 20” x 0.06”).

• WEIGHT: 227 g (8 oz).

• COLOR: Gold/Clear.