Rite In The Rain 8511 Copy Paper X 200 Sheets
Copy or laser print your own all-weather forms, tables, maps, and worksheets onto patented Rite in the Rain 8 1-2 x 11 weather copier paper. Now you can have the convenience of using your existing data sheets on paper that can survive in any weather condition. For just pennies on a sheet, Rite in the Rain lets you work efficiently, regardless of the environment.
The paper is 20 # link weight. Fully recyclable wood-based paper! Copy or laser print both sides! not for inkjet printers.



SPANISH NAME: Rito in All Weather Rain Copier Paper, ***** 'x 11', 20 # White, 200 Sheet Pack (# 8511).

ENGLISH NAME: Rite in the Rain All-Weather Copier Paper, 8 1-2 'x 11', 20 # White, 200 Sheet Pack (No. 8511)

• Weather resistant paper: 200 sheets of white paper of 20 copies per pack.
• Will repel water, sweat, grease, mud, and even survive accidental mishap washing and MORE.
• Copy - laser print: print your own forms, charges, maps, worksheets, and other important rite documents on rain copy paper.
• Unleash other synthetics, the ritual in the rain is not scrutinized or rubbed in difficult conditions.
• Not for inkjet printers, S.
• What to write with: use a pencil or pen for all the time and your notes will remain intact.
• Standard pens work when the paper is dry.
• Water based inks will slip out of rite on the rain sheet, s.
• Printing: G. synthetics, rite in the rain does not pick up a static charge during printing and duple and there is no risk of melting on your machine, e.
• Recycle: Despite rite in the rain for durability, it is completely recyclable.
• Simply slow down the rite in the rain like other white or printed papers do.

Información Técnica

• John Brown, warehouse manager for Snider Energy, transports fuels and lubricants throughout the Northwest. Despite the bad weather and greasy gloves, John's delivery records read very well. Snider prints its templates on Rite in the Rain weatherproof printer paper and is confident that they will survive all the challenges and conditions its drivers see in the field.