Rite In The Rain Argollada Notebook 146
Universal Pattern, Yellow PolyDura Cover, 50 Sheets (100 Pages). Waterproof paper: 100 pages / 50 sheets per pocket notepad. All-weather paper doesn't get wet when wet and repels water, sweat, grease, mud and will even survive accidental laundry mishap.
Make sure your pocket notebook stays well in the rain. Keep one of these note books handy for use in any kind of weather! The hassle of soggy and unreadable paperwork has plagued outdoor professionals for decades. Jerry Darling developed the Rite in the Rain paper to address that Pacific Northwest lumber industry problem in the 1920s, and the product has evolved ever since.



This product has been designed for use in extreme conditions and is made from the most durable components available. That said, the paper is fully recyclable and the wood fibers used are purchased from FSC certified sources. By doing this, you ensure that the product is manufactured to high environmental and social standards and practices.

• The rite in the rain pocket notebooks are the ideal size to carry everywhere.

• Polydura cover and universal scratch pattern.

• Size 6 "x 6".

• Page pattern: universal.

• Argollado: upper spiral.

• Cover: yellow polydura.

• Number of sheets: 50.

Información Técnica

• Ideal for jobs.

• Notepad, 50 sheets (100 pages).

• Waterproof paper.

• Popular for excursions