Rite In The Rain 310F Level Yellow Fabrikoid Notebook
It may sound simple, but this bound book is really tough. Made from authentic durable outdoor components, the Fabrikoid cover, all-weather paper, and even glue are designed to withstand the elements. The 310F Waterproof Field Book has 160 numbered pages of the level pattern - plenty of room for notes and data collection! A table of contents keeps you organized, and reliable weather-resistant paper protects your notes from rain, sweat, and mud.
The covering, even the glue, is designed to survive. Fabrikoid (hardcover fabric cover). 80 sheets. The "professional" bound book. Rite in the Rain® field books allow you to work efficiently in any weather and still protect your valuable data. This is the only bound book made with true outdoor components.



• All-Weather Field Books keep your notes neat and legible no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!

• Fabrikoid “Rite in the Rain” bound notebooks feature durable weather resistant covers and waterproof paper. Keep your notes neat and legible no matter how severe the weather is. Even the glue is specially formulated to survive in any environment.

• Durable! The “bound book for professionals” - the only books made from true durable outdoor components. The cover, the paper, the stitched pages, even the glue are designed to survive the elements.

• WEATHER RESISTANT PAPER: 160 pages / 80 sheets per book. All-weather paper will not turn to mush when wet and will repel water, sweat, grease, mud, and even survive accidental clothing crash. Make sure your book stays CORRECTLY in the rain.

• COVER / BINDING: Everything in this bound book is designed to survive the wrath of Mother Nature. Fabrikoid cover, Rite in the Rain paper, stitched pages, even glue is weather resistant.

• WRITE IN THE RAIN: When wet, use a standard pencil like a Ticonderoga # 2 or an all-weather pen like a Fisher Space Pen. Standard pens and permanent markers will work when the paper is dry. Water-based inks will either droplet or wash off with Rite in the Rain Paper.

• ELIGIBLE: For legal defense, a notebook is required to have bound pages stitched and sequentially numbered. This book not only meets these requirements, it also has perforated pages and archival paper.

• RECYCLABILITY: Unlike waterproof synthetic paper, wood-based Rite in the Rain is completely recyclable. Recycle Rite in the Rain just like you would any other office printer paper.

Información Técnica

Used for field work around the world, our hardcover books are made to withstand the brunt of the elements, as well as the slow and insidious passage of time. Durable coated fabric cover protects your field notes from impacts and weather. Rite in the Rain weather-resistant archival paper resists exposure to moisture and is stored for a lifetime. No matter what you type in your notes and no matter when you read them again, what is written in Rite in the Rain will remain readable.

• No. 310F - Level, Bound Book of Rite in the Rain

• Book No. 310F * - Fabrikoid (cloth bound) yellow cover level book. With numbered pages. 80 sheets.

• No. 310F - Level, Rite in the Rain Bound Book

• Book No. 310F * - Level book with Yellow Fabrikoid (hardbound cloth) cover. With numbered pages. 80 Leaves.

• Size: 4 3/4 "x 7 1/2"

• Page pattern - Level (white)

• Cover - Fabrikoid (yellow)

• Binding: stitched stitched

• Number of pages: 160 (numbered)

• Number of sheets: 80

• Weight: 0.65 pounds