Herpetological Bags for Snake and Animal Capture
Made of fabric for greater resistance for handling animals such as snakes, rodents or bats. Durable and easy to wash. Available with lanyard for belaying.
Indispensable for carrying out projects related to wildlife inventories, transportation and relocation of snakes. Ideal for long-term projects and jobs. Resistant to mechanical wear. They have a drawstring closure with an internal welt of 1cm thick, which allows the bags to be closed quickly, preventing the animals from escaping or attacking. Due to their materials and construction, they can be used and sterilized in for the development of future works. You choose the size of the same according to the technical requirements raised in the project or work to be carried out.



Usage: Protection In Industry And Mining

• Cotton fabric security bags for capturing and transporting fauna.

• Ready to be used in the field.

• Safety stitching to ensure grip.

Información Técnica

Product Name: Herpetological Bag

• Material: Cotton Fabric

• Available sizes: 30cm X 30m, 50cm X 40cm, 70cm X 50cm.

• Closure: Double or Single

• Closure type: 1cm-2cm flat cord.