Portable Eyewash Station 32 Ounces Single Encon
Encon 15-minute, portable, self-contained eyewash stations meet ANSI Z358.1 requirements for eyewash.
Encon offers several options for self-contained eyewash stations, including portable, pressurized, gravity-fed, and sealed cartridge.



Single or double bottle stations. High visibility yellow ABS plastic bracket with operating instructions; vibration and ultraviolet (UV) resistant .32 oz. of isotonic saline treated with intermediates preserved with Hydrosep®

• High-density polyethylene (HDPE), resistant bottle that does not reclose; Large full flow opening for fast irrigation.

• Operation: Personal Rinse Bottle

• Special Features: (2) 32 oz. Buffered Isotonic Solution Bottles, Thermoformed ABS Plastic Wall Mount - Double Bottle

Información Técnica

• Packaging: HDPE bottle, durable and not resealable; Large, full-flow opening for quick watering.