Speakman SE-591 10 Gallon Portable Eyewash Dual Spray Flip-Up Dust Covers and Pressure Gauge
Speakman portable eyewashes are the reliable answer for temporary problems or workplaces that need emergency protective equipment.
Speakman's 10 Gallon Stainless Steel Pressurized Portable Eyewash Stations provide portability for use in mobile or transient applications. The Speakman SE-591 10 Gallon Portable Eyewash features dual spray outlets with flip-up dust covers and pressure gauge. The unit is activated by a stainless steel push handle. The SE-591 complies with the ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 standard.




• SE-591: Without Shower Hose.

• SE-590: With shower.

• Collection: Portable eyewashes

• Finish: Stainless Steel

• product type: Portable eyewash

• Style: Industrial

• Flow rate: 0.4 GPM for more than 15 minutes

Información Técnica

• Pressurized stainless steel tank

• Double sprinklers

• 10 gallon capacity

• Stainless steel tank


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) states that all safety emergency equipment must be activated weekly to flush the line and verify that it is working properly. Speakman Company provides a test registration tag (91-0635) with each unit. The date of inspection and the initials of the inspectors must be noted on this label.


Assemble the bull horn assembly (item #1) and 3/8” tubing to the 3/8” ball valve (item #5). The position of the megaphone assembly should be in line (parallel) with the handle of the eyewash paddle and the handle of the tank. Use thread sealant on the joint. Once fully assembled, fill the tank with 8 gallons of water and pressurize the tank with 85 PSI of air. Be sure to recharge after each use.


The eyewash is activated by pushing the push handle back 90°. Once the unit is activated, water will discharge from the spray outlets until the push handle is manually pulled back to the off position.