32Oz Eyewash Bottle
Sterile ophthalmic eye drops, 98.3% purified water. Eye rinse solution to help irrigate the eyes. To cleanse the eye to help relieve irritation or burning by removing loose foreign material.
The vials come with a tamper evident seal and lid to ensure the sterility of the solution.

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Why have an eye wash station?

Eyewash stations are intended to mitigate eye injury when control methods (i.e. eye goggles or goggles) do not prevent exposure to a physical or chemical irritant or biological agent. An eye wash station is also a supplemental solution for an eye injury until the employee can reach a leaded eye wash station.

• Eyewash bottle holds 32 oz.

• To cleanse the eye to help relieve irritation or burning by removing loose foreign material.

• Easy-flow nozzle helps fluid rinse affected area

• Tamper-proof bottle to ensure sterility of the solution

• Single use only


The choice of a 32, 16 or 8 ounce bottle of sterile isotonic buffered solution in a single double or triple wall installation Eyewash Station meets the needs of a wide range of industries.


Tamper evident bottles ensure the sterility of the eye wash solution.

Compliance with standards

Eyewash stations comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.151 regulations.

Información Técnica

Unit size 8.75 "x 3.63" x 4 "
Long 4.00
Height 8.50
Width 4.00

What is an eye wash station?

Single, double or triple wall recessed stations with 32, 16 or 8 ounce bottles of sterile buffered isotonic solution for rinsing or irrigating eyes. PhysiciansCare by First Aid Only eye wash solution helps to cleanse the eyes of foreign material such as dust, pollen and chemicals, and to relieve itching and burning of the eyes and skin.

• Flexibility

• Safety.

• Compliance with standards