15 Gal Pressurized Eyewash Station Unit With Bradley S19-788 / S19-788LHS Portable Hoses
Ideal for providing emergency protection in areas where permanent water supply is not available. Complements permanent eyewash accessory installations.
The fifteen gallon pressure tank is made of stainless steel. 34 "(864mm) high and 12¼" (311mm) outside diameter. Weighs 28 lbs. (12.7 kg) empty and 128 lbs. (58 kg) full. Eyewash heads are chrome-plated brass. The tank has a tire fill valve with a 0-160 PSI gauge. The 8 '(2438mm) portable spray hose has chrome metal parts (S19-788 only). The discharge force of the hose is 450 PSI. The portable spray tip contains an antimicrobial agent to protect the spray tip.



• Meets US National Standard Z358.1 when used exclusively as an eyewash

• 15 gallon pressurized tank

• Dual chrome bronze smooth flow eyewash heads

• Highly visible yellow spray hose (S19-788 only)

• Includes universal identification sign and inspection label

• Full one year warranty

Información Técnica

• 15 Gallon Tank The stainless steel pressure tank has built-in carry handles and a sturdy bottom.

• Tire filling valve with pressure gauge from 0 to 160 PSI. Pressure relief valve prevents accidental overpressure.

• Eyewash Dual chrome bronze smooth flow eyewash heads with stay-open automatic flow control valve. Protective dust covers are included.

• Hand-operated by means of a large, high-visibility stainless steel handle.

• Eyewash flow meets ANSI Z358.1.

• Portable Spray Hose (S19-788 only) 8 '(2438mm) yellow spray hose with portable pinch-type valve, full-size spray nozzle, and hose clamp.

• All metal parts are chrome plated.

• Concentrate (sold separately). Concentrate is not included with tanks.

S19-788 / S19-788LHS