Eyewash Station Double / Single Bottle Radians REW32D / REW16S
Wall-mounted personal eye wash that can be used for immediate eye flushing in an emergency
Until the injured person can be assisted to a suitable eye wash station. Available with 1 or 2 bottles, with 16 oz or 32 oz bottles.

Precio/Price: COP209,000.00
Ahorre/Saving (10%): COP20,900.00
Precio Final/Final Price: COP188,100.00
IVA Incluido/TAX Included

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• Wall mounted 16 gallon gravity feed eye wash station

• Conveniently mounts to wall

• Bright green color makes it easy to locate in an emergency.

• Each bottle fits securely in place but is easily removable

• Bottles dated for freshness

• Refills available

• Includes mounting screws

• REW32D: 32 oz double bottle radians eyewash station

• REW16S: Radians eyewash station 16 oz single bottle