Electric Arc Suit KIT 40 Cal
Garments made with advanced flame-resistant and arc-rated padding materials. In addition to the standard arc flash clothing options, we manufacture a premium 40 cal lightweight option made from advanced arc and flame resistant materials.
Closures are Velcro or plastic Nexus clips. This intrinsically FR fabric system is comprised of a quilted lining outer layer made from a blend of high-performance fibers. The 40 cal kits come in three wardrobe options: jacket and bib, jacket and pants, and coat and leggings. In addition to garments, kits include hood, hard hat, face shield, 14" Class 2 rubber insulated gloves, 12" leather protectors, safety glasses, ear plugs, glove bag, and gear bag.



Kit Content:

• Jacket

• Diver with bib

• Hood

• Rigid cap

• Rubber gloves

• Leather protective gloves

• 15” glove bag

• Equipment bag

• Safety glasses

• Ear plugs