Husqvarna DXR 250 Demolition Robots
DXR 250 is a compact remote controlled demolition robot with extendable excavating shovels with a low weight and a power of 19 kW. The arm provides precise positioning of the tool and requires only minimal maintenance.
The machine comes standard with excavating shovels for both multipurpose use and high performance in excavation and good stability for hammering. The DXR 250 is a versatile robot for the construction industry.




• Battery capacity 2.25 Ah

• Li-Ion battery type


• Telescopic arm Yes

• Radio range Up to 100 m

• Radio or cable communication signal

• Industrial Bluetooth radio class 1


• Range 4.5 m

• Range 4.8 m

• Product length 2379 mm

• Product width 780 mm

• Product weight 1367 mm

• Weight 1620 kg

Hydraulic system:

• Oil capacity 42 l

• Flow, max 65 l / min

• Pressure, max Max 250 bar

• Variable Hydraulic Pump load-sensing axial piston pump

Información Técnica

Husqvarna DXR 250