Husqvarna DXR 310 Demolition Robot
DXR 310 is our most powerful remote-controlled demolition robot with a telescopic arm, which is extended to achieve a flexible configuration. Despite its low weight and compact size, it provides a power of 22 kW, making it ideal for efficient demolition in harsh environments.
The outriggers are individually controlled and are combined with a large foot that provides greater stability, allowing for enormous workloads. DXR 310 is a versatile machine for both construction and industrial processes. Combine a variety of tools such as hammers or our compact and versatile steel bucket and shears.




• Battery capacity 2.25 Ah

• Li-Ion battery type


• Telescopic arm Yes

• Radio range Up to 100 m

• Radio or cable communication signal

• Industrial Bluetooth radio class 1


• Range 5.2 m

• Range 5.5 m

• Product length 2594 mm

• Product width 780 mm

• Product weight 1485 mm

• Weight 2020 kg

Hydraulic system:

• Oil capacity 42 l

• Flow, max 75 l / min

• Pressure, max Max 250 bar

• Variable Hydraulic Pump load-sensing axial piston pump

Remote control

husqvarna 591440101

Información Técnica

Husqvarna DXR 310