Vital signs monitor 5 parameters EDAN
ECG monitoring, Non-Invasive Pressure (NIBP), Respiration, Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), Temperature.
Oximetry with pulse tone modulation. Arrhythmia analysis. Internal rechargeable lithium battery. Connection to central monitoring.



• 10.1 ”LCD screen with TFT technology.

• Pacemaker detection.

• Protection against defibrillation from electrosurgical interference.

• Arrhythmia and ST segment level analysis.

• It has a rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 4.5 hours of autonomy.

• Possibility of connection to a monitoring center with up to 64 beds.

• High data storage capacity (96 hours).

• Allows you to change screen display forms.

• Storage of 500 PNI measurements.

Información Técnica


• Adult SPO2 sensor

• Temperature sensor

• Set of electrodes

• Adult NIBP Cuff / NIBP Hose

• ECG Cable / AC Cable

• Ground wire / Battery


• Manual in Spanish

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• Brand: EDAN