Leica ® DISTO ™ X3 Distance Meter Distance Meters
Built tough for tough job sites, each distance meter features a rugged rubber housing, is drop tested to 2 meters, and meets IP65 standards for protection against water and dust. Manufacturer's Warranty two years.
The stake out function provides easy detection of the stake out position thanks to the dynamic markings on the screen. The built-in Bluetooth® Smart function allows you to automatically document measurements on your smartphone or tablet and quickly create floor plans with the Leica DISTO Plan app. This ability means that you can go to work when the first measurement is taken, saving time and avoiding documentation and transposition errors.



Each X-series distance meter provides area and volume measurements and also features a painter function, smart landscape mode, and Pythagoras functions.

Información Técnica

• Range: 2˝ to 492 '(0.05 m to 150 m).

• Accuracy: ± 0.04˝ (± 1.0 mm).

• Units of measurement: meters, feet, and inches.

• Power: 2 AA batteries (included).

• Battery life: up to 4,000 measurements.

• Dimensions: 5.2˝ x 2.2˝ x 1.1˝.

• Weight (including batteries): 6.6 oz.