Silent Diamond Cutting Blades Diamant Boart
Different materials present different challenges, and the wide range of specific bonding agents, along with a variety of standard noise-reducing steel centers, offer the perfect solution. We strongly recommend that you use a blade adapted to the material to be cut.
The correct identification of the material is the determining factor for the choice of the tool. In fact, the type of material directly influences the cutting speed and the length of the tool life. All diamond blades have a specific stone life and abrasion capacity.



Silent diamond cutting blades xoc diamant boart 14¨40x3,2x15-24

Whenever we ignore this rule, we will be endangering the tool, a disk suitable for cutting marble can be completely worn out by just cutting a few meters of soft stoneware (softer material but also more abrasive than marble). Specially developed for cutting granite, marble and other natural stones, our blades will more than meet your expectations.

Union of diamond segments to the steel core

The diamond segment can be attached to the steel center by two basic methods:

• Brazing

• Segments are joined to the core by silver soldering.

• This method is used with standard water cutting discs.

• Do not use it with dry cutting discs !!

Laser brazing

• Segments are welded to the center using a laser beam.

• This is the strongest possible connection between the steel center and the segment.

• Ideal for dry and wet cutting applications. The laser welding process is the most advanced method of joining diamond segments to the center of the disc. This process guarantees a maximum level of security.

Final operations

After the assembly process, each segment undergoes double-sided bending tests to ensure that they are perfectly attached to the center. It is necessary to apply tension to each of the blades to ensure that they make straight and accurate cuts even under difficult conditions. Each disc is tensioned by hand, a process carried out by specialists who are already experts in their craft. Discs are sharpened at the factory to ensure they cut without difficulty from the first time the customer uses them. The last steps - finishing, painting, printing and packaging - are carried out with the same care and attention to quality that can be seen in the manufacturing process.

Información Técnica

Disc Types:

• The continuous rim disc ensures a clean cut.

• Super bonded crenellated segment disc has a longer service life and offers a much lower cost per cut than continuous rim disc.

disc with crenellated segments

• Dry segmented disc with narrow notches and "keyhole".

Dry segmented disc with narrow notches

• Water segmented disc with narrow notches.

Water Segmented Disc with Narrow Notches

• Segmented disc with wide notches.