Diamond Blade HUSQVARNA TACTI-CUT S50 PLUS 350 mm
For Core Cutting in mining and granite. High speed on hard materials: The composition of the disc is designed to provide high speed on hard materials. High speed in universal materials of construction: The composition of the disc is designed to provide high speed in universal materials of construction.
More comfortable cutting: Thanks to the shape and composition of the segments, fast cutting discs are obtained, which results in minimal vibration levels and greater cutting comfort. Central hole 'Easy Fit': Our system 'Easy Fit' allows the enlargement of the perforation from 20.0 to 25.4 mm. This allows you to mount the blade on different types of machines (powerful cutters, cutting tables, floor saws). It is applied for discs with diameters up to 350 mm.



• Husqvarna is one of the leading builders and manufacturers of diamond tools for cutting and drilling concrete and other construction materials. We supply millions of diamond tools (saw blades, drills, ropes and grinders) to construction companies, professional users and rental companies around the world. Choosing a Husqvarna diamond tool is always a safe option.

 Diamond tools that meet any requirement If you specialize in concrete machining, working full time with cuts and openings in it, you need other wheels than those that place curb or pipe. To help you find the right tools, Husqvarna blades and drills are divided into three performance categories: gold, silver and bronze.

 TACTI-CUT Brown Category Diamond Tools are designed for occasional users. They are characterized by a favorable price / performance ratio in typical applications.

 Variant description: Blade diameter 350mm, mounting hole disc diameter 25.4 / 20mm

Operating Levels

• Optimal: Hard Cured Cement, Medium Cured Cement, Soft Cured Cement, Abrasive Cured Cement.

• Good: Reinforced concrete, Brick, Tile, Ductile iron.

• Acceptable: Granite, Marble, Natural stone, Abrasive.

Información Técnica

TACTI-CUT S50 PLUS exists in multiple variants to find the perfect fit:

• 579 81 56-10

• 579 81 56-11

• 579 81 56-20

• 579 81 56-22

• 579 81 56-30