Antiseptic Alcohol 70% INVIMA Gallon / 120ml / 350ml / 700ml / 3750ml
It is used for the disinfection of the skin, utensils, equipment and laboratory material. For direct use. (It also serves in skin antisepsis). Useful for disinfection in clinics, hospitals, laboratories, industries and companies in general. Alcohol Presentation with INVIMA Registration.
Warnings: impotable, do not ingest, or prepare alcoholic beverages, do not apply near the eye area, keep out of the reach of children, pets and sources of ignition. Store in the original container, tightly covered, at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C. Invima health registration, free sale 70%.



• Ask for the optional containers 120ml / 350ml / 700ml / 3750ml

• We also handle glycerinated alcohol.

• Antiseptic alcohol for external use.

• Translucent.

• Characteristic smell.

• No foreign particles.

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