Petzl High Performance Mini Single Pulley
Lightweight Prusik pulley The MINI is a very light pulley that can withstand heavy loads and, being so compact, it can be carried everywhere, even attached to the harness.
Specific side plates adapted to be used with the self-locking knotPrusik in lightweight backstop systems.Sealed ball bearing sheave to ensure excellent performance.Flat, compact and light shape.



  • Extremely light and ultra-compact pulley.
  • Designed for everyday work or for rescue (zip line, etc.).
  • Roller on sealed ball bearings to ensure excellent performance.


Reference: P52A
Weight: 56g
Min rope diameter: 7 mm
Rope diameter max: 11 mm
Sheave type: sealed ball bearing
Sheave diameter: 25 mm
Yield: 91%
Working load: 2.5 kN x 2 = 5 kN
Made in: FR

Certifications: CE EN 12278

Información Técnica

Weight 80 g
Chord diameter min. 7 mm
Rope diameter max. 11 mm
Sheave type sealed ball bearing
Sheave diameter 25 mm
Performance 91%
Workload 5 kN
Workload in one line: 2.5 kN
Breaking load 23 kN
Warranty 3 years
Pack 1

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