Zigzag Descender
Mechanical prusik for pruning
The zigzag mechanical prusik allows efficient movement in the tree, preserving the gesture of the Classic prusik pulley system. Link chaining provides precision and fluidity during Displacement. The pulley, mounted on a sealed ball bearing, allows retrieve rope easily. Steel construction provides great durability.



The ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik allows efficient movement on the shaft, preserving the gestures of the classic Prusik pulley system. Link chain link provides precision and fluidity during travel. The pulley, mounted on a sealed ball bearing, allows easy rope retrieval. Steel construction provides great strength.

  • Identical gesture as the classic Prusik pulley system for immediate grip in hand.
  • Unlocking lever mounted on the spring that allows a very high precision in locking / unlocking the device. Adjusting the pressure on this lever allows you to modulate the travel speed.
  • Friction maillons that provide progressive braking for a fluid movement.
  • Pulley, mounted on watertight ball bearing, which allows easy rope retrieval.
  • Swivel that allows the product to be kept in the correct position at all times to achieve optimal rope guidance in the appliance.
  • Steel construction for increased durability.
  • Top connection point to easily connect the double rope return. It has a built-in flexible ring that helps to keep the connector along the major axis.
  • Use only with double ropes.