I'ds Descender
 Self-braking descender with anti-panic function for rescue
The I'D L self-braking descender is primarily intended for technical rescue. Provided with a multifunction handle that allows you to control the lowering speed, position yourself at the work station without a locking key and move with fluidity along an inclined or horizontal plane. Integrated panic function and error indicator cam limit risks of accident in case of misuse. Due to its robust construction, it is especially suited to lifting and lowering heavy loads.



  • Designed for rescue: no closing trigger.
  • Multifunction handle that allows, depending on the situation:
    - Release the rope and control the descent with the hand holding the free end.
    - Move more easily on an inclined or horizontal plane (thanks to the button on the handle).
    - Staying immobilized in the workplace without a locking key.
  • Anti-panic function that is activated if the user pulls too hard on the handle: it brakes and automatically stops the descent.
  • Error indicator cam to limit the risk of accident due to incorrect rope placement. The shape of the cam is designed to improve the glide of the rope on the ascent.
  • Pivoting cam that makes it easier to retrieve rope. It also makes it possible to convert a hoisting system into a reversible one or to make short rope ascents (in combination with a FOOTPRO pedal and an ASCENSION blocking grip).
  • Lowering heavy loads up to 272 kg (use reserved for expert users, see the technical sheet of the device)
  • Available in two colors.