Self-braking Descender Rig
RIG self-braking descender
The Rig is a compact self-braking descender, designed for riders professionals. experienced rope work. It is provided with an ergonomic handle that allows you to control comfortably the descent. The auto lock system allows easy positioning in the workplace, without having than to manipulate the handle or perform a locking key.Once locked, the rope can be retrieved without having to manipulate the grip. The closing trigger allows the rope to be installed while keeping the device connected to the harness, which facilitates the passage of divisions. The protective reinforcement, made of stainless steel in the rope friction area, increases wear resistance

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Precio Final/Final Price: COP0.00
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  • Designed for rope work for experienced users.
  • Multifunction handle that allows, depending on the situation:
    - Release the rope and control the descent with the hand holding the free end.
    - Staying immobilized in the workplace without a locking key.
  • Automatic handle recoil system to limit risks in the event of inadvertent action.
  • Position of "stowing" the handle to reduce the risk of hooking the handle for when the descender is not used and it is carried hanging from the harness.
  • It has a closing trigger, on the mobile side plate, so that the device is not lost while facilitating the installation of the rope during the passage of divisions.
  • Pivoting cam that makes it easier to retrieve rope. It also makes it possible to convert a hoisting system into a reversible one or to make short rope ascents (in combination with a FOOTPRO pedal and an ASCENSION blocking grip).
  • Lowering heavy loads up to 200 kg (use reserved for expert users, see the technical data sheet of the device).
  • Available in two colors.