Self Contained AirHawk® II MSA Self Contained Breathing Apparatus



Industrial idlh (immediately dangerous to life and health). This scba adapts to any budget as it maintains its low cost

configuration offering many new unique options in this industrial mask equipment. In addition, the airhawk ii mask is available in

low and high pressure versions.

The msa airhawk ii is a pressure-demand device designed to maintain a slight positive air pressure within the mask during

inhalation and exhalation. This helps prevent contaminants from getting inside the mask, even if there are small

openings in the seal that forms between the mask and the face. The airhawk ii is comprised of six main parts: mask, headgear assembly,

carrier and harness, cylinder, first stage regulator, in-mask regulator and end of service time indicator (eosti).


msa lets you choose two system models for the airhawk ii SCBA, the ultra elite facepiece and the new facepiece

industrial advantage 4000. Available in small, medium and large sizes, in hycar rubber or silicone. The nasal cups are available in two sizes, standard and large.

The ultra elite mask includes:

a one-way control valve that prevents exhaled air from entering the facepiece-mounted regulator molded polycarbonate lenses

a mechanical speaking diaphragm for short distance communication

five adjustable rubber straps for greater comfort on the head, firmness and security.

Optional heat resistant kevlar head harness and hair mesh style

the advantage 4000 mask includes:

adapters to convert the mask Advantage into

a dual cartridge respirator (using advantage cartridges) or in an rd40 mask a one way control valve that prevents air from

exhaled enter mask-mounted regulator molded polycarbonate lens

Four-point silicone head harness for comfort and fixation optional polyester headgear and mesh for hair

airframe carrier and harness assembly

sturdy msa airframe carrier and harness assembly comes standard with large side handles and a central attachment point

to save users in risk scenarios. The airframe carrier and harness distributes the weight of the scba on the user's hips to

greater comfort and stability. The composite back plate is made of fiberglass reinforced thermoset plastic and

It is ergonomically designed with a spinal strain relief. Key parts can be disassembled without using

special tools.

Harness components are available in heavy duty nylon and kevlar. Shoulder straps feature friction buckles

easy to release to positively retain shoulder straps. East

design also incorporates a belt system for the waist with a buckle in the center. The harness also has

Optionally shoulder pads, a lumbar pad and a waist strap, which transforms this unit into the mask

the most comfortable industrial unit currently available on the market. Cylinder holder can be nylon or Kevlar and is secured with a nylon buckle

adjustable, allowing you to hold cylinders of various sizes. There is an optional stainless steel cylinder holder that allows

Quickly change cylinders without adjusting straps and buckles.

msa offers a choice of three low pressure (2216 psig) 30 minute run cylinders that can be used with this scba.

You can choose carbon coated, fiberglass wrapped, or aluminum cylinders. High pressure cylinders (4500 psig) with liner

of carbon are available for uses of 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

First stage regulator

the pr-14 regulator is designed with the fewest parts that such equipment has in the industry and with anodized valves

Teflon coated to minimize friction of internal components and maximize service life. The pr-14 unit has only 14 parts

replaceable and their maintenance does not require special tools.

Mask mounted regulator

second stage firehawk regulator includes stc fasteners[deslizar para conectar]or ptc[empujar para conectar]to fulfill

with whatever your preference is. An integrated lock prevents the cylinder from leaking air when the second stage regulator is disconnected

of the mask. The firehawk regulator has only 22 replaceable parts and does not require special tools to maintain.

msa's audi-larm ™ audible alarm is an air-actuated audible signal that automatically activates when the air supply cylinder reaches 25% load.

The new airhawk ii equipment is built on the basis of the airhawk mmr air mask and is a lightweight, durable and economical scba equipment for

used in many environments