Brunton Omnislope Led Clinometer Compass
The Latest Forestry Instrument, The Omni-Slope Inclinometer, Measures Angles In Degrees, Percent Of Forest Grade And Chain Of 66 Feet. The lightweight aluminum housing provides years of reliability in the field, and the pendulum Accuracy Provides quick and accurate readings of the weather in which the height of a tree is measured, the danger of avalanches is measured, or the tone of a cave is determined.
Brunton is committed to making navigation instruments more     reliable and accurate planet. As durable precision instruments that undergo wear and tear constant and often rigorous in the field, to maintain your precision and integrity, they just need to be fixed from time to time; as well as would you tune Your car or your bicycle. Brunton offers complete repair facilities and Restoration for most models. We appreciate your kind understanding.



  • Illuminated Reading - Light pipe provides bright clear reading even in low light

    Precision pendulum: fast, precise, smooth, without interruptions. 180 degree range.

    All-in-one scales: grades, percent grade, forest chain, 1 grade resolution

    New led version: illuminated reading features. Low intensity green light

    Increases visibility at night. Dimensions:

    Overall Dimensions - 2.5 "x 3.5" x 0.5 "

    Weight - 11.8 oz

    Features -1 degree resolution; made in the usa

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