Brunton Mirror Compass TruArc 20 With Clinometer
Most advanced motherboard compass with observation mirror, quick reference cap and protective rubber foot with storage for reference cards with a variety of scales.
The TruArc ™ 20 is the modified grandson of the original 8099. Now with our global TruArc ™ needle system that will not lose polarity and resist magnetic interference better than any competitor. Classic innovations like the triple clinometer system, tool-free declination adjustment, and protective cover and foot make this a timeless backcountry companion.



General specifications:

• Exclusive Brunton alignment system.

• Tool-free declination adjustment.

• Meridian lines on the map.

• Amplified reading for 1 degree accuracy.

• Protective cover with sighting mirror.

• Field and emergency reference cards.

• 3 clinometer systems.

• Magnifying glass for map.

• Dimensions: 4.1 "x 2.5" x 1 ".

• Weight: 3.6 ounces | 102 g.

• Resolution: 1 °.

• Scales: meters, feet and miles.

• Map scales: 1: 24k, utm.

Información Técnica

• TruArc ™ Global needle tilts up to 20˚ for balanced use around the world

• Tool-less declination adjustment is simple and quick to orient magnetic north to true north

• Meridian lines on the road help during pre-trip planning by aligning with the grid lines on the map

• Inch / millimeter scales for accurate and efficient mapping work

• Romer scales provide maximum latitude and longitude accuracy for easy integration with handheld GPS unit

• Brunton EverNorth Magnet resists demagnetization over time

• Extended reading provides the highest degree of accuracy without compromising readability

• Dual azimuth ring includes reverse azimuth

• Sight mirror and line of sight integrated into the cover. Align to get the most accurate bearings, either by taking or following a bearing

• Clinometer with 2˚ resolution to measure slope angle or calibrate heights of steps, peaks or trees

• Engineer's rule

• Bubble level for absolute precision readings; Maintaining the level of the compass (not the level of the needle) is critical to getting an accurate orientation.

• Map magnifier helps with the smallest details on any map

• Quick reference cap for quick and easy readings

• The cover and rubber foot protect the compass and contain reference cards.

• User-specific reference cards with stopovers, rules, and useful tips and information for out-of-country travel and trip planning

• High visibility grip for better performance in low light conditions; can be removed for easier use of the map

• 1˚ resolution azimuth ring provides accurate readings