Brunton Compass Comprar F5007 Quadrants 4 X 90 ° Azimuth 0 ° -360 °
If you're looking to save weight in the field, the ultralight ComPro Transit is your mapping solution. Made with all the same internal components, the ComPro is between one ounce and 6 ounces lighter than any other Brunton Transit. We know your transit is a lifetime investment, that's why the internal components are sealed in place with an O-ring. The ComPro saves weight and is made with a lightweight composite body, it even floats, although the Brunton Transits are not designed for underwater use.
Brunton compasses are proudly made in the USA All transits and most compasses are designed, developed and manufactured by hand in our Riverton, WY factory and sold worldwide through our world headquarters in Louisville CO. As true specialists in high-quality tools, we aim to inspire, educate and support professional pursuits and outdoor exploration.




  • • Resists demagnetization.
  • • High resistance plastic composite shell.
  • • Includes leather case and instructions for use.
  • • Lightweight aluminum housing.
  • • It is not unbalanced.
  • • Alnico 5 magnet for improved precision.
  • • +/- 1/2 ° azimuth accuracy with 1 ° graduations.
  • • +/- 1/2 ° vertical accuracy with 1 ° graduations.
  • • Scale in percentages with 5% increments.
  • • Vertical angle measurement +/- 90 ° or 100%.


  • • Traditional traffic measurement method.
  • • The ComPro's composite body is ultra-light and strong, this transit even floats!
  • • The mirror allows the observation and measurement of bearings and vertical angles.
  • • Short and long sights provide the user with additional functionality and accuracy when shooting bearings.
  • • Precision NdFeB disc magnet provides highly accurate readings and resists demagnetization.
  • • Our magnetic needle can be balanced for use almost anywhere in the world.
  • • Induction wetting makes for a fast-seating needle.
  • • Sapphire jewel bearing allows smooth needle movement throughout the life of the instrument.
  • • The needle lock button can lock or release the needle, depending on the model.
  • • Internal components are sealed with an O-ring to improve water and dust resistance.
  • • All transits are compatible with our Jacob's Staff / Tripod ball and socket adapter.
  • • Each model is available in Azimuth (0-360) or Quadrant (0-90) formats.
  • • Each comes with a protective leather case, perfect for taking your Brunton into the field.
  • • Made in the USA in Riverton, WY.