Brunton Conventional Compass
Practical, versatile and efficient technical compass with metal case and sapphire pyramidal bearing. It allows vertical measurements and includes a clinometer. It has a scale of 360 points.
This pocket model from Brunton stands out for its lightness and robustness. Its case is made of aluminum and its magnet is mounted on a sapphire bearing that guarantees fast, efficient and exact needle movement. It has a scale with percentage increments of 5%. The compass can be used for short and long distance measurements, as well as vertically. Its design, with a closing top cover, offers greater security and resistance. The model has a folding pinula and peephole through a hinge, as well as a precision mirror on the lid, which also includes a sight.

Angular System


Brunton OSS alignment system.

• Declination adjustment without special tools.

• Meridian lines on the map.

• Amplified reading for 1 degree accuracy.

• Protection cover with observation mirror.

• Field reference cards for mapping and emergency use.

• 3 clinometer systems to measure elevation or tilt angles.

• Magnifying glass for maps.

• Chicken eye level.

• Cord included.

• Dimensions: 10.4 cm x 6.3 cm x 2.5 cm.

• Weight: 3.6 oZ

• Resolution of 1 degree.

• Scales: feet, miles and meters. map scale: 1:24 k, utm.

• Made in the USA

Información Técnica

Ref.Azimuth (0-360ºC)Quadrant (0-90ºC)
Scale 0-360 ° 0-90 °
Resolution 1st
Accuracy 0.5 °
Dimensions 10.4 x 6.3 x 2.5 cm
Weight 102 g