Brunton Transit Compass GEO LITE
A geology-specific baseplate compass for students and field geologists who prefer a lightweight option or need an effective backup compass for field work. The Geo Lite Transit offers all the precision of a Brunton Transit, in a smaller and lighter space. Based on the set of functions and features of the Geo Transit, the Geo Lite offers two clinometers. Plumb bob style or hinge option that allows dip / dip azimuth measurements. The integrated protractor helps field operators plot data while mapping.
Constructed from a traditional clear base plate, but hot stamped for durability, the flat base allows for accurate drop and drop measurements at any angle (even low angles). The lid is made of PA filled with recycled glass, which increases durability and service life. Brunton compasses are proudly made in the USA All transits and most compasses are designed, developed and manufactured by hand in our Riverton, WY factory and sold worldwide through our world headquarters in Louisville CO. As true specialists in high-quality tools, we aim to inspire, educate and support professional pursuits and outdoor exploration.



Brunton TRANSIT GEO LITE Compass Measures Heading and Dip Simultaneously

This traditional mirrored base plate compass is ideal for students and field geologists who need a lightweight compass with transit features and functionality.


  • • Transit style direct reading azimuth system
  • • Thin stylus for a more accurate reading
  • • Plumb-style fixed clinometer - unaffected by declination setting
  • • Hinged clinometer allows dip / dip azimuth measurements
  • • Integrated protractor for plotting data on a field map
  • • Spirit level for accurate impact measurement
  • • 2˚ Resolution for azimuth readings (heading, dive azimuth, directional heading)
  • • 5˚ resolution for clinometer readings
  • • Brunton EverNorth Magnet resists demagnetization over time
  • • Map magnifier
  • • Observation mirror for precise bearings
  • • Declination adjustment without tools
  • • Romer scales included for easy integration with handheld GPS unit
  • • Flat bottom for accurate drop and drop measurements at low angles
  • • Hot stamped base plate for durability
  • • PA lid filled with recycled glass for durability
  • • Made in the USA in Riverton, WY

Información Técnica


  • • Dimensions:4 ”x 2.5” x 0.6 ”|10.16 x 6.3 x 1.5 cm
  • • Weight: 3.2oz |68g
  • • Weight: 3.2oz |68g
  • • Azimuth: +/- 1˚ with / 2˚ graduations 
  • • Hinge clinometer: +/- 2.5˚ with 5˚ graduations
  • • Internal clinometer:+/-2.5with5˚ graduations  
  • • Declination adjustment: +/- 180˚