Thermohygroanemometer Tma40-A
Thermo-hygro anemometer. Air speed meter (Anemometer) with range from 0.4 to 32 m / s, measures temperature in a range from -20 to 70 ºC; measures RH of 100%; USB connection. Model Amprobe TMA40-A Code: TMA40-A.



• Air Velocity Meter (Anemometer) From 0.4 A 32 M / S - Amprobe TMA40-A.

• Three types of measurements in the same equipment.

• Air velocity (FPM) or air volume (CFM), RH and temperature.

• Digital display with light.

• Flexible measuring vane for access to difficult areas.

• RS232 output for data transmission.

• Measurement of up to 99 different points.

• Measurement data entry, 2400 points.

• Measurements displayed in metric or English system.