List of products by brand MINDRAY

Global providers of medical devices and solutions for patient monitoring and life support such as electrocardiographs, defibrillators and respirators; for in vitro diagnostics as hematology analyzers and reagents; ultrasound scanners, imaging systems, X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging.

Considered one of the world's leading providers of solutions for the medical industry, as well as a leading manufacturer of medical devices, Mindray stands out for its commitment and mission: "Share medical technologies with the rest of the world." As a result, it is dedicated to innovation in fields such as patient monitoring, life support, in vitro diagnostics, and imaging.

Mindray BeneHeart D3 Cardiodefibrillator Monitor

4 in 1 Pediatric Adult External Paddles Defibrillator Monitor: Defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion, AED and Monitoring. Administration of doses from 1J to 360J. Compact design - easy to carry and use. With 7 ”screen.