Rescue Mannequins

NASCO Rescue Mannequins

Here you can find the entire line of mannequins or special dolls for training and rescue simulations.

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Simulaids® TI Rescue Randy - 165 lbs Manikin

The Simulaids® TI Rescue Randy has thermal imaging capabilities for rescue training. Thermal imaging scanners can now see Randy at a distance of more than 20 feet. The special warmers on the face and hands work with standard 110V or 220V...

Adult Aquatic Rescue Mannequin

The Adult Water Rescue Manikin is made of durable vinyl plastic with rust resistant stainless steel skeletons and articulated joints.

Adult Choking Mannequin With Carrying Bag

The Adult Choking Manikin with Carrying Bag works on the principle of clearing a blocked airway with forced air generated with proper procedure, abdominal thrusts or blows to the back.

Randy Nasco 5'5 "105 Pound Rescue Mannequin

Rescue Randy was developed for realistic training of handling, transporting and extracting adult or juvenile victims. These mannequins can be safely used in situations that are too dangerous or uncomfortable for human volunteers.