Anti-cut Body Protection

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Folding Herpetological Forceps For Snake Capture

NEW 40-inch folding clamp. It has the highest quality folding components available. The only folding tweezers available, it has now been upgraded to a more user-friendly, high-quality precision tool that will amaze you with its looks and...

Mongoose Chaps Anti Snake Bite Leggings

It is a personal protective equipment "PPE" that has been elaborated with strict quality controls that guarantee your protection and safety to prevent the bite of a poisonous snake. Provides thigh-high protection and is suitable for poisonous...

Professional Titanium Field Hook For Snake Capture 45 "

The new professional field hook is designed to help you flip rocks, boards, tin and other items in the field. You will be amazed at the strength of this lightweight tool. Only 9 oz. It comes with a super grip knurled end.

Herpetological Forceps To Capture Snakes Jaws 2 ¼ Inch

Test results have shown that the 2 ¼ inch wide jaws eliminate stress in many situations, allowing animals to be handled in a more relaxed state compared to other grippers currently available in the reptile industry. Some species that react...

Meerkat Leggings Against Snake Bite

Surveyors, geologists, agronomists, biologists, hunters, explorers, well drillers, ranchers, campers, field workers, or anyone who is going to do outdoor activities in areas of possible encounter with poisonous snakes.