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Nitecore MH10 1000 Lumen USB Rechargeable Flashlight

Nitecore MH10 is bright, compact and USB rechargeable with battery and charger included. Cleans over 250 yards. Night vision. The convenient side switch memorizes the setting and allows you to change the brightness level with the touch of a...

Pixa 3 Flashlight

Headlamp that allows evolution in ATEX explosive atmospheres, suitable for near vision, movement and distance vision. 100 lumens

Poche Pixa Flashlight Case

Carrying case for the PIXA flashlight

The POCHE case allows you to transport and protect the PIXA flashlight in any situation. Worn at the waist, the flashlight is always within easy reach

Olight S15 Mini Umenes Led Rechargeable Flashlight

Its design is the same that has made the Mini Maglite an iconic piece and that makes them the most recognizable flashlights of the last 25 years. It also continues the renowned precision and quality for which Maglite has always been renowned.