Auditive protectors

Active filters

Radians Ear Cap Insert Hearing Protector

Conical bullet shape.

Offers a comfortable fit for virtually any ear canal.

Extremely soft foam plug.

Provides a comfortable, low-pressure fit.

MADE in the USA (without cord).

PVC dielectric cable.


Phono To Adapt To Helmet Cm-501 Nrr 23Db

Protective cup against noise for work in workshops, airports, oil fields and
work with drills or hammers, mowers, chain saws, maintenance, works
civil and mining.

Phono Headband Cm502 Ce Snr 26Db

Steelpro CM model line of hearing protectors
502 C designed to protect against everyday hazards
produced by noise in order to avoid loss of
hearing. It is a dielectric hearing...

Headphone Samurai Snr 27Db / Ansi Nrr 23Db

The lightweight phono-type hearing protectors model
SAMURAI from STEELPRO, provide effective protection
to workers who work in areas where
noise levels exceed 85 dB (A) for 8...

Reflex Earplug Ep-T06C In Box Nrr 26Db

Reusable silicone PVC ear protector, with cord, antiallergic material,
soft with 3 membranes that seal the ear canal. Easy to use and accommodate,
available in a case...