Confined spaces

Confined Spaces and Pipes

A confined space is any space with limited openings for entry and exit and unfavorable natural ventilation, in which toxic or flammable contaminants may accumulate, or have an oxygen-deficient atmosphere, and which is not intended for continued occupation by the worker. The risks in these spaces are multiple, since in addition to the accumulation of toxic or flammable substances and a shortage of oxygen, there are also those caused by the narrowness, discomfort of work postures, limited lighting, etc. Another aspect to highlight is the amplification of some risks, such as noise, much higher than that which the same equipment would generate in an open space, due to the transmission of vibrations.

Active filters

Self Contained G1 MSA Autonomous Breathing Apparatus

At MSA , say that "When you enter a fire .... MSA goes with you." They are not just words, it is what drives us. In everything we do, we keep your safety and comfort in mind. Introducing the MSA G1 SCBA: The most comfortable, optimized,...

Rescue kits

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Cylinder RP Econo-Cal MSA Gas Test Standard

MSA econocal offers a complete line of span gas cylinders to verify and calibrate all instruments. The gas mixture in span gas cylinders is certified to be gravimetrically prepared, using NIST calibrated weights. The lot number and nominal...