Alcohol and Drug Detectors

Alcohol and Drug Detectors in the Best Brands on the Market

Dräger breathalyzers and alcohol detection devices have been tested and trusted by many law enforcement agencies around the world for being fast, hygienic and easy to use. They also allow you to store data for quick access to previous test results. The Dräger Interlock 7000 is an alcohol detector that can be connected to vehicle wiring, preventing it from starting when the user gives too high values; it is an innovative and reliable way to prevent a person who is under the influence of alcohol from driving. With the right screening equipment, it is possible to reduce the risk of alcohol-related accidents, both in the social and professional contexts.

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Drager 6820 Dräger Alcotest® Breathalyzer

The Alcotest® 6820 is the improved version of the Alcotest 6810. This compact portable measuring instrument stands out for its short reaction times and can be adapted to...

Henan Hanwei AT-7000 Breathalyzer

No need for heating, quick test, it will result in 1 second

No need for nozzles, clean and hygiene

Cell fuel sensor

LCD color dot matrix

Red and green light matrix corresponds to different results